Smart comprehensive solutions for e-commerce companies. |

Smart comprehensive solutions for e-commerce companies.

Save time and money by distributing your goods internationally from our terminals in Åland or Vantaa, Finland. With Axla Logistics, Åland Post's brand for e-commerce logistics, you can forget about all the practicalities and focus on what matters most: expanding your business and keeping your customers satisfied.

We offer smart 3PL e-commerce solutions for order processing, warehousing, merchandise handling, distribution, and returns. Do you want to continue managing inventory and packing your goods yourself? Let us reduce your costs for postal services and distribution by connecting you to our global distribution network.

We handle

  • Inbound deliveries
  • Pick and pack
  • Postage and distribution
  • Returns

We offer   

  • An easy and smooth setup  
  • Efficient warehouse and packing.  
  • A comprehensive and reliable transportation network. 
  • Deliveries to Scandinavia, the UK, and Europe within 48 hours.
  • Warehouse space.
  • We handle your warehouse in a professional and efficient manner. You can choose to allocate your entire warehouse or parts of it with us. Regardless, you only pay for the warehouse space you actually use.

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