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Åland Post near you

The line of business in which Åland Post is operating has excellent prospects. The demand for logistics and distribution increases concurrently with general globalization. E-business is quickly becoming a natural alternative to the traditional retail business. The instruments needed for business on the Internet develop continuously and are becoming more and more cost-effective every year.

Cost-effective and secure deliveries

The business transactions between two parties are today often conducted over the Internet whereas the physical distribution is relocated to a third party. This is where Åland Post comes into the picture; for hundreds of years, the Post has been entrusted with the task of sending messages and parcels. Building on this trust, we guarantee, on one hand, cost-effective and secure deliveries and, on the other hand, we extend our services to include the management of the complete supply chain on our customers' behalf. Big and little things, large or small amounts, overseas or domestic - the Post is close by!

Åland Post - a modern logistics company

Åland Post is a modern logistics enterprise with approximately 170 employees at your service. The 2023 turnover was 36,9 million euro. The business headquarters are located in Sviby, Jomala, only a few kilometers outside Mariehamn, the only town in Åland. Since 1 January 2009, Åland Post is a limited company owned solely by the Åland Landskapsregering, the Government of Åland.

Åland Post in short

  • A modern logistics enterprise with approximately 170 employees at your service.
  • 26.000 m² office and administrative space.
  • Limited company owned solely by the Government of Åland.
  • More than 20 years of experience serving the e-commerce sector, building on trust from hundreds of years of experience handling mail.
  • Member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU).