Customs clearance services in our Customer Portal |

Customs clearance services in our Customer Portal

Through Åland Post’s Customer Portal you may access two services that may assist you in your internal control and monitoring of incoming shipments and the customs clearance of these. You may also withdraw reports and documents that may be useful for i.e. your declaration of import VAT to the Tax Administration. The services in our Customer Portal are free of charge and offered to registered business customers.

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If you have already registered an account and use other services available in the Customer Portal, please send an e-mail to with information on which company you represent and we will connect you to the services you may need.

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The service for incoming shipments

Our new Customer Portal service for Incoming shipments is currently being developed. When it is launched, you will be able to overview all your arriving and received shipments and whether they have been customs cleared or not. You as importer may also check the shipment information for the simplified and final declarations. This allows you to better fulfil your obligation to ensure that the information submitted in the declarations to Finnish Customs is correct. Furthermore, you can easily authorize Åland Post to clear a specific incoming shipment on your behalf and upload the required documents. You may choose yourself which document to attach to the final domestic tax border declaration, as you as importer must ensure that the document meets the requirements of Finnish Customs and Tax Administration that it shall be able to connect to a transaction in your book-keeping. This is important as the tax border declaration is a pre-requisite for deducting import VAT.

Incoming shipments assists you in your internal control and tracking between delivery, customs clearance and book-keeping for example by way of allowing you to export reports on received shipments during a specific period of time and to enter your own internal references.

When the service for Incoming shipments is launched all customers already having access to the Customs Clearance service will be connected to the new service automatically, without having to contact us.  

The service for customs clearance 

In our customs clearance service you may easily access the customs clearance decisions for and information on the declarations submitted by Åland Post on your behalf.

As of 1 January 2018, companies registered for VAT are required to declare import VAT to the Finnish Tax Administration. Consequently, customs clearance decisions no longer contain information on the tax basis broken down into different VAT rates, which is information required for the submission of your VAT return. Our customs clearance service also offers an Export function, where customs clearance information along with tax bases for a specific period can be exported to a report and used as support when filing and paying VAT.