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Employees at Åland Post

Today Åland Post is one of the biggest land-based employers on Åland, with about 150 employees. In order for the company to continually develop and capably manage operating conditions and potentials, a considerable amount of confidence is placed in every employee. Each is responsible for his/her own work performance. We continually motivate our employees by promoting a high level of work satisfaction, good health, and social activities. We work continuously to develop our workplace and to be an attractive employer.

At Åland Post, we strive to create a workplace wherein diversity between employees – such as gender, age, sexual preference, ethnic origins, religion, beliefs, opinions, language, disabilities or health status – is considered to be enriching in our work. Discrimination is therefore under no circumstance allowed in the workplace.

Any such personal differences/diversity will not constitute an obstacle for the employment of an individual, nor hinder an individual’s development or advancement within the organization. Our goal is that every employee experiences our workplace as an equality-based, safe, and productive working environment that promotes self-development and wherein everyone is naturally treated equally. We believe that diversity contribute to the organization’s development.

As an employee with us, you are one of the most important factors in our success achieving company goals. We care and ensure that our employees are satisfied, and that they consequently perform well at work. Contributing to our employees’ well being both on-the-job and outside of work is an important priority for us here at Åland Post.