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E-service – personal wellbeing account

The E-service allows you to always have your wellbeing benefits conveniently accessible on your mobile phone. Please be aware that a smartphone is required to be able to access this service. The E-service is easy and simple to use. An extra benefit is the environmental aspect as it is fully electronic and thus neither uses paper vouchers nor any means of transportation for distribution of the benefit.

To provide the wellbeing benefit as an E-service, the employer will need your mobile phone number. Once the employer has completed the order, you will receive an SMS with a link from Åland Post. By clicking on the link in the SMS, you will be forwarded to your personal wellbeing account. You can preferably save this page to your phone’s home screen, where it can be found as an app for easy access in the future. You can see your balance on your wellbeing account as well as view providers and payment history and you can obviously make payments here too. 
If for some reason you can no longer access your personal wellbeing account and you do not have your SMS with the link saved, you can request that a new SMS be sent to you here.

Below is an explanation of how it works.

Fitness, culture and massage: Your employer chooses wich benefits that are given to the employees. Please note that for fitness and culture you have access to all available providers. With regard to massage, your employer can select which massage providers employees can use their benefits for. This means that as an employee you may not be able to use your massage benefits at all massage providers on our list. Your employer will inform you which you can use your benefits for. Your massage benefit can only be used for classic massages and/or sports massages (not spa treatments). Your employer has decided how much money you can spend per massage session.   

Balance: There are two balances in the personal wellbeing account, one for fitness/culture and one for massage. Any money received for culture is shown under "Fitness/Culture" and you can choose wheather to use it for fitness or cultural acitivities. The money you have received in massage can only be used for massage.

Create payment: You can pay for a service when you are visiting a wellbeing provider by clicking ”create payment”, then select the type of provider (fitness, culture or massage) and finally select the relevant provider from the menu. Enter the amount and then write a message to the provider regarding what you want to pay for (optional) and finally click “pay”. The provider will be able to see the received payment straight away. Under sent payments you can see the amount you paid. Always bring a valid ID as the provider may request that you validate your identity when purchasing services from them. Your wellbeing benefit is personal, and you cannot use it to pay for someone else.

Sent payments: Sent payments are payments that you have created and sent, but that not yet have been authorised by the wellbeing provider. A payment remains under sent payments for 12 hours and if the provider does not accept your payment during this time, it will be deleted, and the money will automatically be repaid to your account. You can remove a sent payment simply by clicking “delete”.

Transactions: Once you have made a payment and the provider has accepted it, you can view the payment under transactions. Here you can also see the deposit and withdrawal of the wellbeing benefit value made by your employee.

Personal Data: Your employer is the data controller for your personal data as it is registered in the service. Åland Post processes such personal data as a data processor. The employer is responsible for informing you as a user of the processing of your personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.
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