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Wellbeing vouchers

There are three different types of vouchers for different wellbeing benefits: 1. Fitness, 2. Fitness/Culture and 3. Massage. The vouchers are pre-printed with company, your name and expiry date. The vouchers are supplied by Friskvård.ax and will be issued to you by your employer. The bar-code on the vouchers protects them from being copied and misused.

The vouchers for Fitness and Fitness/Culture always have a value of 5 euros per voucher. The value printed on the massage vouchers is decided by your employer. The Massage vouchers may be restricted to certain providers selected by your employer. Check with your employer which providers your massage vouchers are valid for. You can only use one massage voucher per massage session.

When paying with vouchers, the provider will request ID to check that your name matches with the name on the vouchers. The vouchers are for personal use and cannot be exchanged for cash. The provider will also check the validity date of the voucher.

Sample wellbeing vouchers