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Freight solutions

It should always be easy to make shipping arrangements, whether near or far. We offer services that cover all your delivery needs, with reliable and timely shipments. Just as importantly, we help you with the paperwork and answer all your questions before, during and after delivery.

Several reasons to choose Åland Post:

  1. We are experts at all types of shipping to and from Åland
  2. We have a global network of logistics partners that works extremely well  
  3. We have all the experience to provide customized and functional logistics solutions
  4. Our logistics system offers you good insight through every phase of your shipment’s delivery  

Support and Delivery Reliability

Åland Post offers a quick and reliable transport chain that smoothly conveys your parcels to/from Åland and farther out into the world. We have daily deliveries utilizing our own vehicle fleet to and from Stockholm, Turku and Helsinki.

For goods going to Europe and other worldwide destinations, we have a dependable, firmly consolidated distribution network wherein we cooperate seamlessly with other well-established logistics companies.