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Large selection of fitness, cultural and massage providers

When, as an employee, you have received the wellbeing benefit from your employer, you have a large range of different workout options to choose from. If the employer has elected to further include cultural experiences and massage in the subsidy, the benefit can also be used with a variety of cultural and massage providers.

Please note that for fitness and culture you have access to all available providers. With regard to massage, your employer can select which massage providers employees can use their benefits for. This means that as an employee you may not be able to use your massage benefits at all massage providers on our list. Your employer will inform you which you can use your benefits for. If you use the E-service, only the massage providers chosen by your employer will be displayed, so you can only make payments to these providers. If you use vouchers, you need to check with your employer which providers your massage vouchers are valid for.

If you feel that some providers are missing in the offer, you can either talk to your employer and ask them to get in touch with us or contact the provider yourself and suggest they partner with Friskvård.ax.

Your employer can provide wellbeing benefits to you in the form of an E-service – personal wellbeing account – or as printed, personal wellbeing vouchers.