Before the item can be collected or delivered to your address, customs must be cleared within 20 days of the arrival date. Customs clearance requires an invoice or order confirmation.

1. Choose customs clearance method:

Customs clearance via webbimport:

  • Log in using your internet bank codes / Katso-kod for businesses
  • State the arrival number and date of arrival, and other data required
  • Pay the customs decision via your internet bank. Customs advise Åland Post when payment has been received
  • For questions regarding webbimport, telephone 0295 527018

Own customs clearance at Customs (Viking Terminal)

  • Take the invoice or order confirmation and the arrival notice
  • Pay the customs decision directly
  • Customs' opening hours: Monday-Friday 09-11 and 12-15, telephone 0295 52333

Åland Post does the customs clearance for you

  • Åland Post offers customs clearance according to current price list + customs charges and VAT advised by Customs
  • Contact Åland Post on Attach the invoice, civic registration number and shipment arrival number

2. Await/fetch the shipment

On the next working after customs clearance the item can be collected at the specified agent/post office, or be delivered to your address. The item can be collected from the Post Terminal in Sviby the same day as customs clearance. Take this notification, no new notification is sent. For more information and tracking, visit
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