Additional services and fees |

Additional services and fees

Express Shipping

Packages and goods that need to be sent as soon as possible can be sent as Express shipping. With Express shipping, we collect your packages or your goods immediately the same day or as soon as possible.

Price: A surcharge of 50% on the normal shipping price.

Phone booking

You can book your shipping by talking to us on the phone.

Price per phone booking: €8.00 

Telephone notification

We call you before delivery and inform you of the time of arrival.

Price per shipment: €5.00

POD/epod copy

We send you a copy of the receipt/POD.

Price per receipt/POD: €5.00

Carrying in/out

We carry your goods when we load or unload.

Price for every new 15 minutes: €18.00

Fixed time of loading/unloading at the customer’s request 

You decide the exact time for loading/unloading of your goods.

Price per loading/unloading: €5.00.