Generating greater interest for customers |

Generating greater interest for customers

Letters, invoices and bank statements form the basis of the communication iceberg with your customers. They are a central element of the customer experience. Yet the opportunity to communicate meaningful and informative messages is often missed. The printing of transaction documents is thus a major, yet essentially overlooked, marketing opportunity.

Transaction documents have the potential to be transformed into a driving force for customer communication and to become a central element in your marketing mix.

The key trends

Three trends are influencing the transformation of transaction documents

  • Consolidation of individual items of content – e.g., inserts and information sheets for a more effective and clearer document with greater impact
  • Multiple channels – Connection of print, mobile and online content
  • Targeted message and customer experience tailored to persons and segments – even in the same print run
  • Each transaction document offers a significant communication opportunity (95% are read).
  • Each document presents the opportunity to communicate a message and get what you want to say heard (on average 4 minutes are spent reading transaction documents).
  • Each document can make a contribution to creating a positive customer experience