Customs clearance fees |

Customs clearance fees

The following forwarding fees apply to our services. We will assist you with all import, transit and export formalities. Until further notice no separate fees will be collected for simplified declarations submitted to Finnish Customs.

Shipments from/to Finnish mainland

Charges from 31.5.2021

Service Charge excl. VAT
Domestic tax border declaration 13 €

The service is offered to private persons and companies. Importers registered for VAT are not required to submit any electronic tax border declaration until 1.9.2021. The price adjustment from the end of May is due to Finnish Customs introducing a new customs clearance system and a new domestic tax border declaration with more comprehensive content than earlier.

EU imports & EU exports

Service Charge excl. of VAT
1–5 items 26 €
6–10 items 34 €
11–15 items 42 €
Maximum price 50 €

Imports & exports to non-EU conutries

Service Charge excl. of VAT
1–5 items 41 €
6–10 items 51 €
11–15 items 61 €
Maximum price 71 €

An additional 2 % surcharge for the VAT amount exceeding 170 € is applied for natural persons and companies which are not VAT registered, where Åland Post charges and pays the import VAT to the Customs authority.


Service Charge excl. of VAT
Transit (transport by Åland Post) 26 €
External transit 150 €
Swedisg import (VL Cargo) 75 €

Other payable services

Service Charge excl. of VAT
Document inquiry 5 €
Reminder 5 €
Manual handling 15 €
Hourly rate 50 €


For more information about customs clearance, please contact us by phone +358-18 636 727 or by email